Our services are vast and varied, but all complement each other to combine the ingredients which make a revolutionary recipe for success!


With a vast portfolio of top professionals, giving our clients a wide range of choices, we represent fashion & commercial models serving all media including: runway, print, editorial, trade show and showroom advertising.

Sobering statistics are that 74% of consumers rely on social media to drive purchasing decisions and 90% of consumers (In particular generation Z) rely on their peers to do so!


We develop informed strategies that help brands achieve their objectives & lay the creative foundation.


Not all advertising need be paid for and we are experts at recognising when your brand offering has a ‘news’ spin to it. The press and al l forms of traditional and online media are eager to advertise what is of interest to their audience, in particular where there are environmental or social awareness connections.

Through our excellent connections, our P.R department bridge the gap between traditional media and the brave new world of digital. We make all media work better, together.

Our researched strategic approach to your advertising campaigns allows us to recognise when we can maximise your exposure through all forms of media – and we have expertise in the writing of these ‘news’ items to inform our media partners. Remember that Public relations also extends to online ‘Reputation management’ an important and very relevant skill when marketing In the social media space!



Marketing is no longer about ‘selling’ – It’s about creating great content and campaigns that engage with people and these can be text, audio or visually driven. We proudly create ideas without boundaries. User-centred digital solutions with beautifully crafted visual designs as well as blog posts and intelligent articles that inform, educate and engage with potential online customers. By collaborating with influencers and media experts we create meaningful, relevant content that gets people talking and conversations and images going viral.

Blog posts are indexed on search engines, so unlike social media mentions, they can be searched and consumed by web users for months and often years, after the original publication date. Blog posts also support your SEO strategy, as influencers will often include a link which points back to your website, simultaneously driving traffic, increasing sales and improving your search engine rank.


To ensure that throughout your campaign we are involved in the look and feel of your advertising, we have extended our services, with the help of many expert professionals, to the production of all your marketing material requirements.

From TV commercials, billboards, websites, publicity material, your blog and even your social media feed, we ensure that your brand identity is always consistent – and we can oversee the qual i ty of your marketing materials in every advertising space.



With Live video feeds being such a massive part of Social Media Marketing, animation is a highly favoured and well received form of visual marketing.

Usual ly shunned as being too expensive, we have experts in the field who, with the aid of the latest state of the art Computer Graphics equipment, create expert but affordable animation.



You Website is the front face of your business! It is your receptionist and how you look to the public as it is often the first line of communication between you and potential clients.

The effective design and structure of a website is a professional business and we have top professionals to do it – experts in design who can give advice on your website ‘Site plan’, content and back end requirements. Your content on social media is transient, but when on your website it is your ‘intellectual’ property. Your website therefore should be engaging with the public through advice and education of your business. This is how long term relationships are built.


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